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Extreme Cubicle Makeover: Red Mahogany Luxury Paneled Cubicle with Dark Cherry Hardwood Floors

 If you examine the percentage of time you spend conscious and where you spend it, you may start to realize that a vast majority of your time is spent boxed up in a cubicle at work.  Yes, the universalist cubism that runs rampant throughout the first five pages of CIO magazine which extols the virtues of "open space" and "group-think" and (shudder) "egalitarianism" sounds fine... but that's only what they tell you to try to sell you on the idea that your hamster cage doesn't come with a wheel.  The reality behind the scenes is the "productivity-thought-hours-per-square-inch-per-cost-center-dollar-spent-per-revenue-dollar-made" discussion that inevitably happens between the CFO and the CIO as they plan where to stuff all of the worker bees is what it's truly about.  Lower costs, higher revenue... at the expense of the hamster.

There is nothing more emblematic of capitalism than the modern IT department yet there is nothing more socialistic than a cubicle farm.  This dichotomy is exposed to its greatest extreme with my new project:  The Red Mahogany Luxury Paneled Cubicle with Dark Cherry Hardwood Floors. 

In an era of socialized information technology, there is the opportunity to re-capitalize the space and demonstrate that originality trumps equality, that shoving capitalists into socialist boxes only create unhappy socialists, and red mahogany generally kicks ass...

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