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Atomic Data Modeling and SEO Speech in Miramar Florida

I'm pleased to be speaking to the Miramar group of the Florida Dot Net group at  You can register for this event at the following website:  Click here to register.  I will be discussing how proper search engine capabilities start at the database level using atomic data modeling practices.  The samples of the atomic data model will include how to layer in object inheritance at the SQL Server level, utilizing some new features in SQL Server 2008 including the intrinsic Hierarcy data type and a nice overview of search engine techniques that can benefit from a highly optimized and atomic database.  I hope to see you there!

You can get a head start by reading my blog series on the topic at: - Atomic Data - Best Business Practices for Product Catalog Data

There are other resources that ascribe to the Atomic Data Modeling concept which you can find at: - The Atomic Data Warehouse - Data Warehousing and the use of Atomic Data within the Data Mart

Other announcements of this event include: