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I engage with customers all of the time and the first thing they ask me to do is "put me on page 1 of google!"  While it's a fine goal, it's a lot like someone that wants to build a table with just one leg and they wonder why the table won't stand.  When I tell them that they need to add the three more legs to the table, they say, "Sure, but can you get the table to stand on one leg first?"

It simply doesn't work.  Website optimization for search engines is best done when you think about why Google ranks people in the search engines at all.  They want to help customers find what they are really looking for.  Yahoo started the search engine business but fell prey to the lure of money, so they started selling the #1 rankings to the highest bidder.  You and I well know that the company most willing to pay for #1 is rarely the place that the customer was trying to find with their search.

Google takes a different approach and simply tries to apply their magic formula to web searches and SEO optimized pages to find out what is really, truly, relevant.  Would you like to rank #1 on Google?  I can tell you the magic answer.... Follow the rules!

  • Don't try to trick the customer into landing on your page when they weren't looking for you 
  • Don't try to trick Google into thinking your page is relevant when it isn't
  • Don't use "black hat" techniques to fool Google or your customers (you will only get penalized for it)

So, what do you do?  I have taken the time to analyze the major reasons that companies want to rank #1 on Google, and they are:

  • Generate Additional Sales
  • Build a Relationship with the Customer
  • Gain Key Insight into the Customer
  • Innovate New Products Based on what Customers Want

I took each one of the business objectives and around that I have constructed a "magic formula" of my own that I share with the world for free.  I took each one of these objectives, identified which Internet marketing techniques accomplished these objectives, and then built the ultimate checklist for online e-commerce.

It's a simple matter of going through each one of the marketing strategies, feeding your data into the respective websites, inserting a few beacons on your website to track your progress, and you're up and running!

Over a period of a few months you will see immediate traffic boosts.  Over a period of a year you will see significant increases in sales.  Over years, you will firm up the foundation of your entire business model.

But wait... there's less.  I publish all of this information for free on my website which you are welcome to utilize for your company.  I am always available to provide paid consulting if you feel there's a need for it, but I strongly encourage you to read through my research papers here, assign one of your employees to become informed on the principles and develop these talents within your own company.  It's a lifetime investment that will pay off for you.

Here is an exhaustive overview that will help you get started:   Click here to see the Best Practices for Internet Marketing 

How do I know all of these techniques?  I have done e-Commerce projects since they invented database-driven websites.  You can see my work at which was an online business-to-business portal for plumbing, maintenance, and repair tools and equipment.  I also launched all of the content management systems for Men's Professional Tennis and Women's Professional Tennis which were so highly trafficked that they would crash other companies servers until we took them over.  Then I turned my attention to building out complex mortgage processing systems for Merrill Lynch which were so mission critical that they simply could not fail.  After that I decided to hang my hat with Jacksonville web design firm Interchanges where I helped them with the complex technical integrations that were needed for large websites to integrate high volume e-Commerce strategies.  As I worked with them, I helped their business partner, Marketing Experiments with Dr. Flint McGlaughlin, to evaluate incoming SEO and Optimization marketing contacts for feasibility for their Growth Engine system and process for A/B testing and research to discover what truly worked as you made marketing changes.  Once I learned what I needed there, I helped Football Fanatics and TeamFanShop launch websites for the sports retail industry including some of the top ranked websites on the Internet.  These included the official Yahoo! Sports Shop, the network of Team franchise websites for CSTV (CBS Television), The online store, and dozens of other websites for college sports teams including the official Jacksonville Jaguars online store, the official University of Florida online store and many others.

It's a lot to look at, and believe it or not, there's a lot more, but I've been through a lot and I've seen many businesses from the inside out, so I know what works and what doesn't.  My experience is also a bit unique.  I have a lot of experience with database design and software development, so new technology doesn't scare me a bit.  However, I also have a ton of experience with online and traditional marketing, so I joke around with people that I'm a computer geek that actually speaks English.  I'm also a fairly good graphic designer (in the commercial art sphere at least) so I'm no stranger to Photoshop, Illustrator, or InDesign.

By rolling all of these skills into one package you can see how web design in the Jacksonville market is something that I excel at, and that I enjoy.  By being a local Jacksonville SEO Expert and Web Design Analyst, I've found that there are some fantastic web projects just in our small hometown and I've likely done work that's impacted many of them.

As you search around for Jacksonville SEO experts and Jacksonville Web Design Specialists, keep me in mind because I may just be the person that you were looking for!  If you need to see who is ranking well for Jacksonville SEO, try this link:  Google for Jacksonville SEO : MSN for Jacksonville SEO: Yahoo for Jacksonville SEO

Have a great day and if you need to contact me for any SEO or Web Design needs, here is my information:

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I'm always available to run your website through my e-Commerce scorecard and give you a reasonable report card on your Design and SEO of your website.  Once you've been graded, you will know what aspects of your online marketing portfolio that you need to work on.

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