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Dr. Flint McGlaughlin

Dr. Flint McGlaughlinWhile my experience with Dr. McGlaughlin was brief (over a span of six months or so), I really enjoyed learning as much as possible from him.  He is probably the most thoughtful and insightful person I've spent time with.  Dr. McGlaughlin owns which is a web marketing/SEO/SEM research laboratory that takes existing e-businesses and engages in live, results-oriented research projects that have a precise and tactical improvement on various objectives of each site.  His methodical approach to fact-based marketing (as opposed to intuition-based marketing) was very refreshing and turned me on to many techniques and strategies that I believe carry a lot of value.

I don't believe that instinct and intuition is obsolete, but when that is "validated" with the proper research and benchmarks, it really starts to sing.  Dr. McGlaughlin helped me find that balance that has really helped me professionally.

His sales approach also was a breath of fresh air.  I had often settled with employers and customers for an "hourly fee" but he demonstrated to me that businesses operate on the concept of the value of the solution.  If you can provide a key, critical solution, then determining the value of the "fix" can really help you determine your own "worth"... at least in relation to that business need.

Beyond that, Dr. McGlaughlin demonstrated to me that even determining your "worth" based on raw revenue-generating facts was doing yourself a disservice.  His consistent and dedicated work in the religious community and his non-profit work in India highlighted to me the supreme lack of intrinsic value that money actually held when compared to living a life of dignity and respect.

Now that Dr. McGlaughlin has completed his acquisition of he will only climb higher in the web research space, so perhaps I'll have the privilege of working with him again in the future.  I look forward to that.

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