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Milliman and Robertson
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I started my career under the mentoring of my own father, Victor Nielsen, and Mark Trieb, who was one of the principals of what started as a US based retirement planning and consulting firm.  As the firm grew, it merged with Bacon & Woodrow which propelled the company into global operations.  The culmination of this formed as one of the larger actuarial firms in the world.

My experience with the Dallas office of Milliman and Robertson showed that even within a loose affiliation of principal-owned business units, the Dallas office excelled in entrepreneurial distinction, by developing software in Dallas that served the needs of all of the other branch offices.  It was clear to me that Mark Trieb was ambitious and driven which put him at odds with some of the other principals from time to time, but I witnessed his steadfast technological focus that drove innovation throughout the entire company.  

I learned a lot from that and it has influenced my future roles in many large corporations from that point forward.  One of the most valuable opportunities included their tolerance of my developing nascent software development skills.  I progressed over the years from a mailroom clerk, network administration, database developer to a fully trained software developer.  This opportunity was a unique position that helped launch my computer-centric career.

I had the pleasure of learning from Panom Rujopakarn, Chaiboon Leelaphunt, and Risana Tilkanont who were software developers from Thailand with exceptional expertise in MDBS solutions.  They were kind enough to share their knowledge with me and helped me explore software development with real world business experience.

My sister has continued with the organization as a highly qualified leader in their Denver office after decades with the company.  My brother also has continued with them as an extremely talented software development consultant.  My father retired from the company after decades of loyal service.  This legacy of support between Milliman and my family has helped our families grow and thrive and for that, they have my thanks.
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