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Jared Nielsen will be speaking at SQL Saturday Jax

Jared Nielsen will be Speaking at SQL Saturday

This event is hosted by the great folks at SQL Saturday including Brian Knight of Pragmatic Works and many of the top industry leaders.  I will be giving a presentation on SQL and SEO - Data Modeling and Web Marketing with an emphasis on how proper SQL database design can make search engine optimization even more powerful and flexible.  I will be reviewing such topics as the Atomic Data Model™ and Exclusionary Dominance™ techniques.

Make sure you attend or send your webmaster or DBA to be there and enjoy the event.  My speech is at the UNF Computer Conference Center at 10:15am on Saturday, April 17, 2010.  You can find out more information on my session at the SQL Saturday Website

To consult with Jared Nielsen you can reach him at the FUZION Agency at or you can call him at 904-638-2455


Seminar Materials for the SQL Saturday Event

01-Exclusionary-Dominance-on-Google-by-FUZION.pdf (673.09 kb)

02-Atomic-Data-Enables-Search-Engine-Dominance-by-FUZION.pdf (367.28 kb)

03-Advanced-Search-Engine-Optimization-SEO-by-FUZION.pdf (215.98 kb)

Atomic-Data-Model-Presentation-Jared-Nielsen-FUZION.pdf (2.85 mb)

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