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Speaking at the Houston Tech Fest


Houston Tech Fest with Jared Nielsen Speaking for www.NielsenData.comIt's about that time again so I'm going to be speaking once again.  Please join me at the Houston Tech Fest in Houston (naturally) Texas for my seminar on finding your Search Engine and Data "Superman" amid your "Clark Kent" business.  Being able to identify as a coder the business methods needed to get proper search engine (SEO) rankings while satisfying good design criteria an reusability is important.  This seminar will walk you through such advanced topics as:


  • Atomic Data Modeling
  • Fast Page Load with Highly Normalized Data
  • Content Distribution Networks and Edge Caching
  • SEO and SEM Techniques in Code
  • Funneling "Juice" with your Web Traffic
  • Comparison Shopping Syndication
  • Expanding Marketing Channels through Code

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